I installed the 'sc' package (spreadsheet calculator) and can't figure
out how to get the color stuff working. This is my ~/.scrc file:

set color
set colorneg
set colorerr
color 1 = @cyan;@black
color 2 = @red;@blue
color 3 = @white;@red
color 4 = @black;@yellow
color 5 = @black;@cyan
color 6 = @red;@cyan
color 7 = @white;@black
color 8 = @red;@black

Every color is set to its default value, except for color 1 (which is
@white;@blue in the man page).

I know the .scrc is being parsed because it starts up with white text on
a blue background, rather than white on black (which is what you get if
you don't have an ~/.scrc file). But it's not acknowledging my color
definitions, because it should start up with cyan text on black
background. I also tried defining the colors at the very top of the
file, but that didn't change anything...

Perhaps more importantly, I'm wondering if there's a way to colorize the
cursor position (current cell) so that you can tell at a glance where
you're at in the spreadsheet. It's very hard to move about and do
anything useful otherwise... Even a simple "reverse video" for the
current cell would make a dramatic improvement.

Stephen Takacs http://perlguru.net/
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