I have been using bktr(4) for composite video capture with very good results.
But bktr(4) does only one video stream at a time and does not seem to recognize
more than one vcb. I found that out when I attempted to install two VCBs in my
system to permit processing 2 video streams simultaneously. Both VCBs were
configured as /dev/bctr0, and only one would work. So I am now looking at VCBs
with multiple Bt878 chips on them which would enable (with proper software
support) capture of up to 4(8) streams (http://www.ituner.com/spectra.htm) or even
16 streams

Has anyone any experience with these VCBs?

How difficult would it be to adapt the bktr(4) driver so that it supports these

Would multiple instances of fxtv work?

Dave Feustel

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