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Chris Odorjan wrote:

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>I seriously believe that OpenBSD will not provide you with the type of
>security you're looking for, unless used in conjunction with tinfoil.
>Lots and lots of tinfoil.

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Well , "tinfoil" isn't actually made of tin. And aluminum isn't as
conductive as would be desirable (unless you wish to make your own
high-voltage lines). Copper foil might have uses , but copper mesh
would be even better. One could make Faraday-cages and have some
interesting experiments.

To be pedantic , I did briefly consider silver , it is best at
conducting electricity and heat of all metals and is also one of
the most reflective. Very unfortunately it tarnishes far too easily.

Were there any other things that you think I might be in need of?
I'm always more than glad to receive helpful suggestions. ;-)

An Odd User.