The first public release of the GNU Readline library, version
5.2, is now available for FTP with the URLs

and from the usual GNU mirror sites.

This distribution is essentially a standalone version of the
readline library that appears in Bash-3.2 together with an
`autoconf' framework. The documentation has been updated and
is current. Postscript, DVI, and Info versions of the Readline
and History manuals are included. A list of changes in this
release is appended to this announcement.

GNU Readline is a library which provides programs with an input
facility including command-line editing and history. Editing
commands similar to both emacs and vi are included. The GNU
History library, which provides facilities for managing a list of
previously-typed command lines and an interactive command line
recall facility similar to that provided by csh, is also present.
The history library is built as part of the readline library as well
as separately.

Diffs from readline-5.1 are not available.

Please send readline bug reports to

+========== CHANGES ==========+
This document details the changes between this version, readline-5.2,
and the previous version, readline-5.1.

1. Changes to Readline

a. Fixed a problem that caused segmentation faults when using readline in
callback mode and typing consecutive DEL characters on an empty line.

b. Fixed several redisplay problems with multibyte characters, all having to
do with the different code paths and variable meanings between single-byte
and multibyte character redisplay.

c. Fixed a problem with key sequence translation when presented with the
sequence \M-\C-x.

d. Fixed a problem that prevented the `a' command in vi mode from being
undone and redone properly.

e. Fixed a problem that prevented empty inserts in vi mode from being undone

f. Fixed a problem that caused readline to initialize with an incorrect idea
of whether or not the terminal can autowrap.

g. Fixed output of key bindings (like bash `bind -p') to honor the setting of
convert-meta and use \e where appropriate.

h. Changed the default filename completion function to call the filename
dequoting function if the directory completion hook isn't set. This means
that any directory completion hooks need to dequote the directory name,
since application-specific hooks need to know how the word was quoted,
even if no other changes are made.

i. Fixed a bug with creating the prompt for a non-interactive search string
when there are non-printing characters in the primary prompt.

j. Fixed a bug that caused prompts with invisible characters to be redrawn
multiple times in a multibyte locale.

k. Fixed a bug that could cause the key sequence scanning code to return the
wrong function.

l. Fixed a problem with the callback interface that caused it to fail when
using multi-character keyboard macros.

m. Fixed a bug that could cause a core dump when an edited history entry was
re-executed under certain conditions.

n. Fixed a bug that caused readline to reference freed memory when attmpting
to display a portion of the prompt.

o. Fixed a bug with prompt redisplay in a multi-byte locale to avoid redrawing
the prompt and input line multiple times.

p. Fixed history expansion to not be confused by here-string redirection.

q. Readline no longer treats read errors by converting them to newlines, as
it does with EOF. This caused partial lines to be returned from readline().

r. Fixed a redisplay bug that occurred in multibyte-capable locales when the
prompt was one character longer than the screen width.

2. New Features in Readline

a. Calling applications can now set the keyboard timeout to 0, allowing
poll-like behavior.

b. The value of SYS_INPUTRC (configurable at compilation time) is now used as
the default last-ditch startup file.

c. The history file reading functions now allow windows-like \r\n line