as you may know, I have added support for time signal station receivers
earlier this year and during the calgary hackathon I added suport for NMEA
talking GPS devices. these devices can now be used by our ntpd.

unfortunately,most devices are slightly different in the data they return
or the formats they use. so it is important for me to get as much such
devices as ever possible to add support for them. for economic reasons, I
can not buy every single device I come across, so I much depend on

if you are able to help me with my efforts by donating such devices or
paying for them, please get in contact with me by private email.

what I am looking for most are the following items:

- GPS devices, serially and UPS attached (consumer grade) - industrial GPS
devices, providing hich accuracy - GPS devices that can provide a proper
per-second pulse - PCI based GPS receivers
- GPS modules
- receiver for the British MSF time signal station (Rugby) -
High-precision correlation receiver for the german DCF77 station - Loran-C
- PCI based time signal station receivers

thank you.