G'day all,

i have a sparc64 running OBSD 3.9, i would like to install some
software capable of initiating connections for a user that only has
access to the https daemon, from there all access is initiated by the


user -- 443 ----> FW ---> Webserver ----- ssh
| Test network
----- ftp
| Test network
----- telnet
etc | Test network

The idea is very much like webmin - where a user is capable of logging
on to the server over http/s (on a remapped port - 10 000) and dropped
into a shell (bash / ksh whatever). The idea is that since the user is
logged on locally - s/he could use any available resources to initiate
a connection to another less secure network.

The scenario is to build a remote - but easily accessible test network,
with hopefully no software needing to be installed on the client
workstation. SSL-Explorer - appeared perfect for my needs,
unfortunately there is a lack of java support on Sprc64 + OpenBSD.

If anyone has got some good (secure) idea's please let me know .....