Hello Group!
I just searched the net for a couple of days, as usual, but nothin
popped up, therefor I would like to ask all of you for advice.

I want to load-balance two in-kernel pppoe connections. ppp(8) is no
choice, for the german T-Com requires me to use in-kernel (userspace
wont work).

Just to get the two linkes working I hacked together the following pf.conf:

scrub out on {pppoe0, pppoe1} max-mss 1440
nat on $ext1_if from $int_net to any -> ($ext1_if)
nat on $ext2_if from $int_net to any -> ($ext2_if)

pass out on $ext1_if route-to $ext2_if from $ext2_if to any
pass out on $ext2_if route-to $ext1_if from $ext1_if to any

pass in on $int_if route-to { $ext1_if, $ext2_if} round-robin \
from $int_net to any keep state

pass all

The pppoe1 connection sets the default route. All traffic is sent
through pppoe and not round-robin-style load-balanced.

I can't use multipath through route, because the gateway with in-kernel
pppoe is for both connections.

My mrtg also shows all traffic on the line where I set the default route
and nearly none (despite a couple of echo-reqs and -responses= on the other.

Do you have any advice? Concerning my problem the pf-FAQ is crap :-/