I am looking at "dd" image of a partition using "strings",

strings -t d output/wd0e.dd > output/wd0e.dd.str

An example section of the output is below. My question is why does the byte
offset ("-t d" of strings) change from positive to negtive? Is it because
the number is too large and the last bit is being set, making the number a
negative? or something else?

I need to find the fragment location of
(see below)

normally this would be done by taking the byte offset, say 1602943605 and
dividing by the fragment size... say 2048
1602943605 / 2048 = 782687.3

so I can read that part of the image
dd if=output/wd0e.dd bs=2048 skip=782687 count=1

how can I do this when a negative offset is given?


1602943605 ypxfr (8) - get a YP map from YP server
1602943645 yyfix (1) - extract tables from y.tab.c
1602943685 zcmp, zdiff (1) - compare compressed files
1602943728 zdump (8) - time zone dumper
1602943757 ze (4/VAX) - SGEC Ethernet device
1602943791 zero (4) - the zero device
1602943818 zforce (1) - force gzip files to have a .gz suffix
1602943869 zic (8) - time zone compiler
1602943898 zkbd (4/Zaurus) - Zaurus keyboard support
1602943940 zmore (1) - view compressed files on a CRT
1602943983 znew (1) - convert compressed files to gzipped files
1602944036 zs (4/MacPPC) - Zilog 8530 (ZSCC) serial communications driver
1602944099 zs (4/SPARC) - Zilog 8530 (ZSCC) serial communications driver
1602944161 zs (4/SPARC64) - Zilog 8530 (ZSCC) serial communications driver
1602944225 zsc (4/Mac68K) - Zilog 8530 (ZSCC) serial communications driver
1602944289 zssp (4/Zaurus) - SSP for inter-chip communication
1602944340 zx (4/SPARC) - accelerated 24-bit color frame buffer
1602944393 zx (4/SPARC64) - accelerated 24-bit color frame buffer
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