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root; openbsd 3.8.

Everything (video, resolutions monitor) agrees and works. If I
Ctrl-Alt-F2, and ps
-x I'll get fvwm, xterm, xclock and the likes.
But as you might guess, I don't get any video/picture/image! All I get
is a blinking text cursor (at first attempt) and an extra "" sign (at

succeeding attempts). No mouse cursor (/dev/tty00) visible either.
According to startx tty00 seems ok (no errors). /dev/wsmouse0 gives
errors. Also PCI card is not listed by name (after lots of
research; old 1MB PCI card; startx needs and uses SVGA_Server), but it
runs correct according to the output (and internet info) on this
different chipset.

xdm will not start either - I have to manually shut the PC down!
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace won't work! According to xdm-system, my mouse is on
/dev/wsmouse0, tty00 gives errors.

I configured X with xf86config3 (which is more detailed and all I

Just to be sure, also used xorgconfig and placed the configuration file
in /etc/.

Also tuned /etc/XF86Config and added (to no avail)
Option "no_bitblt"
Option "noaccel"

In /etc/sysctl.conf: machdep.allowaperature = 2 (also tried = 1)

Xorg -configure does not work (unrecognised option -configure).

Via script(1) I could get the following output from starting startx (on
X-version: 3.3.6a): xf86ReadBios. Failed to open /dev/mem Permission
denied. "


Any info greatly appreciated

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