I'm wondering if it's possible to do altq on two interfaces and pass traffic
between queues?
I've got a box acting as a gateway. I use interface filtering with a deny by
default, i selectively allow traffic in and out. For example, i let in
internet services, port 22, 80, etc, and then i have to let them back out
the internal interface. This is working, now i'd like to add altq to the
picture. I'm wondering the best queue setup, priq or cbq is what i'm looking
at, my internal interface is a 100 mbps nic hooked to a 100 mbps switch,
external goes to my isp. I'm wondering if i use priq/cbq on the internal,
external, or both interfaces and how if both or either this would work? I
see a lot of altq setups for single interfaces, but not both. Any help