I'm having a small problem with ports, packages and flavours

in .../ports/textproc/teTe

if I type make install, then it (after a while) installs teTeX_base-3.0p
and then fails with an error when it also tries to instal
teTeX_base-3.0p1-no_x11. I didn't set FLAVOUR prior to running mak

Also, I've been trying to install vim, with the following line (as in th

env FLAVOUR=athena make instal

and on the first line, it says
===> Checking files for vim-6.3.85p0-gt

What does this mean? Is it trying to build the gtk flavour, all of th
flavours (as in the teTeX case), or merely checking for an alread
installed version (in which case, why doesn't it check for all possibl
installed flavours)

Can anyone enlighten me



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