Has anyone been able to get OpenBSD to talk to the internet successfully with
an emulated VAX, running under SIMH on Windows XP Pro, with only a single
ethernet card on the Windows box (only 1 slot available)? I almost got it to
work, using Openvpn on the Windows server to create a tap device to link
to the Unix IP address. The 2 OSes can talk to each other via TCP/IP, but
if I try to redirect regular net traffic from OpenBSD to the Internet it
gets stuck, and I can only pink the address of the Windows box. It is ok if
the OpenBSD box doesn't have it's own real address on the net, as long as
it can route to outside addresses. I tried various combinations of routing
and bridging with no luck.
Bob Rodriguez

SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org