I know the subject (binary patching) has already been opened
lasts years. Anyway, you'll find there another way to binary-patch
OpenBSD boxes.

As I'm not the only sysadm to take care of our OpenBSD boxes
over the world, the "buildhost+tgz method" was not sufficient
for me as I wanted to:
. quickly now if a given server was up-to-date or not,
. save time to my admins while they were able to quickly
patch numerous OpenBSD boxes

Anyway, I did not wanted to mask in any way the process of
patch application: you still have to cvs/patch/make on a buildhost
(a Qemu machine may be of some use) and understand what is patched,
how and why. But replication on other hosts (than the buildhost)
may be delegated to friends (or to any other means you'll prefer).

So, here's SPMS/syspatch.... Sure, It won't make any revolution
nor raise Elvis from death... but I hope it will helps some
of you that are bored playing xbill during numerous repetitives

Docs & samples:

Comments/Flames/* => welcomed.

Olivier Lemaire -