Hi All

I'm considering installation of BSD system. I previously used Linux
systems but I'm confused about kernel configuration and problems
during hardware modifications. I'm not sure which BSD should I
choose. I think about OpenBSD and NetBSD. I know that this question
probably was asked on this list but I need to know if there is IPSec
configuration in OpenBSD similar to the one in NetBSD described on

Key points of needed configuration:
- access for static IP clients and roadwariors (Windows XP)
- authentication through x509 certificates (created per client) and
additionally using username and password verification (radius)
- NAT-T enabled - both server and clients should be able to connect
if they are placed behind NAT device (of course server will have 500
and 4500 udp port forwarded from the gateway)
- additionally it would be great if client can get static IP assigned
by radius server depending on his/her username
- I think about addresses for VPN clients from local network pool which
would be bridged through ethernet interface (I'm not really sure if
it is possible)

I would be grateful if you could give me some examples of configuration
for such configuration on OpenBSD.

Best Regards,