currently we have a router running linux but for
security reasons and compability reasons (ipsec) we want
to migrate the box to openbsd.
we want to make a special setup with this router running
openbsd 3.7.
facts: we get internet-connectivity by an nice isp via adsl;
the isp does assign a fixed public address for the router
to us and he routes additionally three other public addresses
to us (192.109.a.23, 192.109.a.24-192.109.a.26).
our intranet consists of six maschines with non-routeable
addresses (192.168.b/24).
question: is it possible to use different outgoing addresses
(of the four possible addresses) based on the _source-address_
and the destination port of the packets coming from our
example: internal machine 192.168.b.2 sends an packet with
destination-port 80 and should use 192.109.a.26