I'm not quite sure which group would be best to post to since the more
apropriate ones don't have much activity.
Please forgive me if I've posted to the wrong group. :-)

I'm about to get on an airplane to head to you all's wonderful place!
Seattle is so nice to visit, but this time I fear I may not be able to
get online with my laptop.

I want to install FreeBSD and need someone to point me to a local
FreeBSD guru. I've looked at the local Linux/FreeBSD user's groups but
I would like to just quickly get the installation done with some help.
(I've tried the Linux chapter at my school but they're all gone for the


So, the problem is my laptop does not have an external drive, only a
floppy and I need to do an FTP installion. It seems the installation

If I could just get FreeBSD installed with someone's help, it will make

my trip to Seattle so much nicer!
phone or email me please