Do any of the experts here have any input regarding the performance of
a raid 5 using 3 disks versus a raid 0 using the same 3 disks? (I would
like to know the performance comparison first, then I'll consider the
backup advantage of raid 5)

I've used a raid 0 (software) with 2 disks and the speed was very nice
(I want it back!). I have a hardware raid controller setup to do raid 5
with 3 disks, but the performance is terrible.

Would a hardware raid 0 using 3 disks be any faster than the hardware
raid 5? Or faster than a hardware raid 0 using 2 disks?

Would a hardware raid 5 using 5 disks be faster than using 3 disks?

I might be running OBSD on it sooner or later, but I first want to find
a configuration I won't have to change for a long time.