I got this error with HP Proliant-ML110. I intend to solve it in OpenBSD.

I have FreeBSD 5.4-RC4 kernel recompiled with PF/ALTQ/CARP support.
After completed the installation and reboot the system, I use ssh login
a remote system, then it reboot automatically.

There is another machine also installed the identical customized 5.4-RC4
kernel, but it doesn't have this problem. The Proliant has an onboard
Broadcom ethernet cards, but I did not use it. I use Intel Pro100 for
remote connection, but it still causes auto reboot. Is there any
chipset/IRQ I need to changed in the Bios config of the HP
Proilant-ML110 workstation?

During the testing, I have added hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" in the
device.hints file.

I want to try out with OpenBSD.
Can anyone tell me whether HP Proliant ML110 has any problem after
OpenBSD is installed, and especailly when remote login with ssh, does it
have any problem?