I am a long time Linux user and have an old laptop which runs Debian Etch. I
do not use this laptop anymore, as due to an accident, I had fried the USB
ports and CD-RW drives. Neither work anymore.

What it has an ethernet card and a PCMCIA wireless card. Since I no longer
use it, I was hoping to use it to play a little bit with Solaris (one of
those unices I have never personally played with, even though I used it for
years at work).

I have burnt a DVD containing Solaris 10, but I cannot boot off it as the
drive is dead. I cannot attach my DVD burner via USB (and somehow boot off
that) as the USB ports are also dead.

Is there any way I can install Solaris on this laptop ? This laptop can boot
off its Realtek ethernet card (or so the BIOS claims).

I also have two PC-BSD CDs (haven't played with FreeBSD for years) that I
could install (if solaris cannot work with this). Just my idea of a fun