ADVERT: Caesarion v12-GAMMA free, open-source FreeBSD/Linux software;

Caesarion v12 is probably one of the most important pieces of
cryptography software
ever written primarily due to the algorithms and techniques employed
in the software.

The software provides secure (E-mail) communications facilities;
communications secrecy, user-authentication and data-integrity

C12-GAMMA show-cases some unique technological superiorities,

o The use of the L15 Stream Cipher which is a technological
superiority in itself.
o Innovative Cipher-Packet technique hides ciphertext in padding thus
preventing cryptanalysis.
o The software is supplied with file encryption utilities which
utilise the above facilities.
o E-mail is encrypted using the RSA public-key cryptosystem thus
eliminating security risks from symmetric ciphers.
o The provision of secret-public-key facilities caters for high
security scenarios.
o Unorthodox (reversed) RSA encoding of data should provide a higher
level of security relative to orthodox implementations.
o Digital signatures are encrypted thus eliminating security risks
from cryptographic hash functions (most of which have recently
discovered security issues).
o The software is supplied with a FreeBSD-4.11R /dev/[u]random
replacement kit.
o The software is supplied with complete documentation including
manual pages.

Caesarion v12-GAMMA website: