Good Morning Newsgroup!

I am hoping some of you can recommend a free-of-charge software solution
for the following!

The number of servers under the management of the team I am working in has
grown to around 20 in the last 2-3 years. In general, the older systems
run Linux, the newer ones run FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x.

I would like to kind-of CENTRALIZE some basic tasks of the team's everyday
work. The majority of these are mail related. What I imagined is to
set-up a system that allows the members of the team to keep and access
system messages from all our servers in one central place, and also to
allow the most frequent jobs to be carried out here. I was thinking about
a PHP based web interface, but any other solution would do just as well.
Even a curses based console software.
Main functions I'd like to solve at the moment:
1., Task management. Create daily/weekly tasks for team members to
complete, assign/reassign the tasks to members, allow member to keep
record/status of the task (eg in progress, delayed, ignored, rejected,
complete, etc).
2., System message management. I'd like to direct system messages from all
servers (root, postmaster, webmaster, etc) into this system. Another way
to phrase this would be to have access to these messages and see them
together here, in this environment.
3., Multiple user access, add/remove users. Each member of the team could
sign-in to this system with her/his own ID and have access to tasks and
messages assigned to her/him, plus the ones not yet assigned to anyone
which they then can assign to a person they find suitable.
4., Another step would be later (soon enough) to manage support request
e-mails from people in a similar manner.
5., An extra feature would be the possibility to create e-mail accounts
for new users from this same environment. Or allow FTP access to certain
users or revoke it.

All this would be to keep track of requests and server messages (cron
jobs, spamfilters, virusscans, etc), so that these get somewhat organized
and managed in one place, therefore no task remains unattended, ignored
and then forgotten by the team. It would also allow members to know what
she/he needs to work on and what others are working on.
So, a combination of e-mail, task scheduler, calendar and user management
is what's on my mind.
Still, I'd like to keep it relatively simple. Which means that I wouldn't
like to install 6000 packages that allows me to manage domains, DNS,
e-mails, user accounts, user shares, webservers, and everything in the
world. And it doesn't have to look pretty.

If you can suggest anything from the ports or from the web that might be
suitable to set-up a system described above, please send a brief reply!

Thank you!
Keve Nagy * Debrecen * Hungary
if you need to reply directly: