Hello and thanks for reading this!

I want to set up a cluster system containing of 6 dual systems
(2x 1Ghz, 1Gb RAM each). The whole system (final result) is going
to run a high traffic website with intensive database connectivity.

Untill now i was able to find 2 solutions:

-heartbeat (from /ports/sysutils)
-GridEngine of SUN

Four questions:

1) Which one of these solutions are going to output most
performance for the mentioned configuration?

2) Which is easier to setup?

3) Do i have to setup a virtual networking mechanism or the
local 192.168.0. ... numbers will do it?

3) Shouldn't distributed computing be handled at Kernel level?
As far as i understand both solutions are userland software and
if it is the case that they work with message exchanging, how does
that stand compare to true low-level communicaion?
(This is a very general question. just something i wondered, you can
igonre it.)

Thanks a lot for your time and suggestions,