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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 11:28:39 -0500
From: James Keenan
To: nylug-talk@nylug.org
Subject: [nylug-talk] Perl Seminar NY Tuesday January 16: Agenda

Perl Seminar NY meets this Tuesday at 6:15 at NYPC Users Group, 481 8
Ave (Ramada New Yorker, Suite 550-51), at West 34 St. We have two
excellent presentations:

(1) Mark Sullivan: "use, require, do, and eval"

"use" is built on "require", which is built on "do", which is built on
"eval". So they share a lot in common, but they offer different
features and different restrictions. Mark will talk about how
they're built,
where each is appropriate, and how to handle each when it goes wrong.

(2) Perrin Harkins: "Low Maintenance Perl"
Perl is a language flexible enough to let you make your own decisions
about how to use it. You can optimize your code for performance, for
compactness, or even for entertainment value. But what if you want to
optimize it for not getting support calls in the middle of the night
about strange behavior on your web site? What if you want to optimize
it for spending your Saturday at the movies instead of in the debugger?

This talk will show you how to choose a dialect of Perl that suits
your preferred level of risk. It won't be a simple prescription, but
you will learn why avoiding certain constructs can lead to fewer
nasty surprises and less difficulty integrating code written by a
team. A little planning and a willingness to choose practical
solutions over magic can really pay off in reduced debugging time.

Perl gives you a lot of rope, but it's not too late to learn some new

Hope you can attend!

Jim Keenan
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