If I want to maximize the speed and efficiency of squid and postgresql
database, what is the best memory size I can set for squid and
postgresql when I recompile the 6.2 kernel? I have 1GB RAM in the PIII

The following size is what I want to build into the kernel:

#stuff for squid
options MSGMNB=16384 # max # of bytes in a queue
options MSGMNI=128 # number of message queue identifiers
options MSGSEG=4096 # number of message segments per queue
options MSGSSZ=256 # size of a message segment
options MSGTQL=16384 # max messages in system

options SHMSEG=64 # max shared mem id's per process
options SHMMNI=128 # max shared mem id's per system
options SHMMAX=8388608 # max shared memory segment size (bytes)
options SHMALL=8192 # max amount of shared memory (pages)

#stuff for postgresql
options SHMMAXPGS=131072
options SEMMNI=64
options SEMMNS=240
options SEMUME=40
options SEMMNU=120