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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 15:33:17 -0500
From: "Fred Benenson"
To: "Free Culture @ NYU's list serv"
Subject: [free-culture] January Free Culture Events: Taking Access on Open Access and Cory Doctorow

Greetings Free Culture @ NYU,
I hope you are enjoying your winter breaks and are looking
forward to a fantastic new year.

Free Culture @ NYU has some great events lined up for January and
we wanted to make sure you knew about them.

First is our "Taking Action on Open Access" event:

Taking Action on Open Access Freeculture.org

will be holding an organization-wide

*Open Access event in NYC
on Jan. 13, 2007 from 12-5pm at NYU's Courant Institute

in Room 101.*

All chapters are invited and encouraged to attend.

The event will be free and is open to anyone interested in
advocating for Open Access and Free Culture on university
campuses. There will be food and refreshments and we're hoping to
record the entire session to post online.

As opposed to last year's Freeculture.org NYC regional summit,
this event will be more specific and focused. We'll be tackling
the issue of how to advocate for Open Access on university
campuses. We want to take action and start targeting faculty and
professors whose work is publicly (or university funded) but is
published in closed journals that charge exorbitant prices to
libraries and students. There is an alternative out there and we
want to make sure everyone knows about it. Access to Knowledge
isn't just important, it is your right as a student and member of
a larger academic community.

The event will be interactive, with presentations from
influential professionals working in the Open Access world
followed by smaller working groups.

Interested in coming? Just RSVP to *oa [at] freeculturenyu.org*
or via our facebook event post


Here is the agenda for the day:

12:00pm Registration / Lunch

12:30pm Introductions

1:00pm Jennifer Mclennan from SPARC

2:00pm Gavin Yamey Public

2:50pm Break

3:00pm Actual Training
Second is Cory Doctorow:
January 19th 2007 @ 5pm :

Cory Doctorow

*photo by Bart Nagel*

On *January 19th at 5pm* Free Culture @ NYU and NYU
ACMare hosting a talk by Cory
Doctorow. The event will be at the Courant
Institute in *Room 109 at 5pm-7pm*.

Cory will be speaking on "*State of the Copyfight 2007: Looking
up, not out of the woods yet.*"

Cory co-edits the massively popular blog
BoingBoing.net, writes sci-fi novels
that are released under
Creative Commons licenses, and is a dedicated copyfighter who
serves on the board of numerous organizations. Read his bio
hereor his Wikipedia entry

The event will be free and open to the public.

Hope to see you there!

Fred Benenson
Free Culture @ NYU

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