Certain PDF's created by one or more Windows-based Adobe (Acrobat)
products insert digital certificates and/or Javascript scripts to allow
Adobe "Reader" to validate said digital certificates and/or edit certain

Using (Linux) Acroread7 on FreeBSD6:

1) All of the Document/Digital Signatures options are ALWAYS disabled,
with the exception of Document Integrity Properties

2) Any document with an embedded digital certificate ALWAYS fails to
validate the certificate, and no further Document/Digital Signatures
options are made available

3) There is no way to import or install digital certificates through
Acroread7 though the embedded Help system gives instructions on how to,
supposedly, do that - none of which work with "FreeBSD" Acroread7

4) Even with the Javascript preferences option enabled, and Javascript
installed - of course, no "editable field" is editable

I can't tell whether these limitations are because of a Linux-based
Acroread that FreeBSD has "enabled", or affects from the FreeBSD
"porting", or something specific/hidden that will only work with
Windows-based clients.

There also is some confusion about "Adobe Acrobat" and "Adobe Reader" (or
"Adobe Acrobat Reader"). When looking through the embedded Help files in
Acroread, there are statements that stipulate that "Acrobat" and "Reader"
are two different applications?