'twander' Version 3.204 is now released and available for download at:


The last public release was 3.195.

If you are unfamiliar with this program, see the end of this message
for a brief description.



- A new boolean configuration option, CMDMENUSORT (default: False),
has been added. This allows the user to force the Command Menu to
appear in sorted order (as opposed to the default which is to
display commands in the order they are defined).

- It is now possible to temporarily assign the current directory
to any of the Directory Shortcut keys. The user presses
KEDIRSCSET (default: Control-8) and is presented with a dialog
to enter which of the 12 Directory Shortcut keys to load with
the current directory. This allows directory waypoints to
be saved as shortcuts during the user's workflow. The shortcuts
revert to the definitions found in the Configuration File if
the program is exited and restarted or if a configuration
reload (default: Control-r) is initiated within the running

- A new configuration verb, ASSOC, has been added to implement file
"Associations". Associations allow the user to define which program
to start when the user selects a non-executable file and does a
mouse doubleclick or presses "Enter". For example, this
configuration statement associates files whose names end with the
string ".text" with emacs:

ASSOC .text emacs [SELECTION]

There is also provision for a "default" association that is invoked
if the user double-clicks or presses "Enter" on a non-executable
file that has no specific association defined for it:


The right-hand-side of association statements can make use of almost
all of the 'twander' configuration language features such as runtime
prompting, symbolic variable substitution, execution variables, and
so forth.


- The default mouse assignment to popup the shortcut menu (MOUSESC)
has been moved to Alt-Control-LeftButton. This was necessary
because the previous assignment interfered with the mouse command to
move up a directory level (MOUSEUP).

- The "Shortcut Key" help menu has been removed. It was redundant
with the identical menu on the menu bar and mouse popup menu.

- The titlebar status strings have been shortened to keep to overall
title length more reasonable.

- Selected help menus have now been formatted into 3 columns (as
opposed to the previous 2 column format) to make long help screens
fit on the display better.

- A new help menu, "Associations" has been added to display any
user-defined Associations (as described above).

- The order of the help menus has been changed to be slightly more
intuitive (to the author anyway .


- The new features and changes are reflected in the manual.

- The example Configuration File (.twander) now contains examples of
"Execution Variables". These were introduced in 3.193 but examples
were not included in the example configuration.

Complete details of all fixes, changes, and new features can be found in
the WHATSNEW.txt and documentation files included in the distribution.

Users are strongly encouraged to join the twander-users mailing list as
described in the documentation.

A FreeBSD port has been submitted as well.

What Is 'twander'?

'twander' is a macro-programmable Filesystem Browser that runs on both
Unix-like systems as well as Win32 systems. It embraces the best ideas
of both similar GUI-driven programs (Konqueror, Windows Explorer) as
well as text-based interfaces (Midnight Commander, List, Sweep).

Or, If You Prefer The "Elevator Pitch"

'twander' is:

- A better file browser for Unix and Win32.
(Tested on FreeBSD, Linux, Win32. Probably works on Mac OS/X, but not tested.)
- A way to make browsing the same on all the OSs you use.
- A macro-programmable tool that lets *you* define the features.
- A GUI navigation front-end for your shell.
- A way to "can" workflows for your technically-challenged colleagues.
- A way to free yourself from the shackles of the mouse.
- A way to significantly speed up your day-to-day workflow.
- A Python/Tkinter application - about 5000 lines of code/comments
- A RCT (Really Cool Tool) that will have you addicted in a day or two

See the web page for more information, a screen shot, and the complete