I am about to acquire a new computer and I'd like to know if anybody
here sees something that could gives me headache installing FreeBSD 6.2:

Shuttle Barebones SK22G2

Motherboard chipset VIA K8M890CE

Integrated Graphics 256MB UMA

Second Graphics card: Club3D Radeon 9250 128MB, DDR,PCI,DVI/TV-Out

Processor: AMD Sempron 2800+ 1.6GHz

RAM: TwinMOS DDR2 PC4200 1024MB Dual Pack Kit (512MB Each)

Hard disk: Samsung Spinpoint P80SD 80GB SATA28MB 7200RPM

DVD Drive: NEC DVD+-Recorder AD-5170

BIOS: Phoenix

Keyboard: Microsoft Wired Keyboard 500, PS/2

Monitor: Very open, but possibly a TFT Philips (if it goes on sale)
thinking about using it connected to the DVI port.

The dealer gives a 65 ($100) discount for shipping it without OS, so I
will definitely be using anything but Windows, out of the little
experience I have with BSD the only concerns I have is the VIA chipset
on the motherboard(never heard of it) and the Microsoft Keyboard (I hope
BSD don't take revenge on Microsoft's keyboards)

The Club3D graphics says on the box it supports Linux so I hope it will
work trouble free.

I would much rather have an expert oppinion thought...Thanks