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On 2006-11-23, patrice wrote:
> I m using a freebsd (v5.3) as an internet router.
> I m connected by a poor french company (wanadoo) with a very bad mail
> support (sometime take time to transfert message)

As a sidenote; email isn't guaranteed to be delivered quickly, or even
to be delivered at all. If email gets stuck somewhere for a couple of
hours, well, too bad. It would be nice if it didn't but as long as the
email doesn't get lost it's not a reason to call them ``very bad''.

There may be other reasons to call them that, though, as Wolfgang
pointed out.

> so i m using the sendmail (v8.13.1) to bypass my provider smtp

Where windows machines need an external relay, unix machines tend to
come with their own MTA, so that's nothing out of the ordinary. It does
mean, however, that it will be you and not wanadoo's servers that will
get scrutinized for indications of being a spammer. There are lots of
little tricks mail administrators use; spend some time on the mail abuse
groups to get an idea.

> but sometime, my mail are not accepted because i m using adsl on a dynamic
> ip pool, and i receive an error message :
>< servidea.dvp.idea #5.0.0 SMTP; 554 Service unavailable; Client host
> [xxxxxxx] blocked using
> manually, i can edit the /etc/mail/mailertable and add a line :
> the_domain_who_use_dnsbl smtp:[]
> and now i would like to do it automatically.

You could, but I'd consider a blanket solution and hire someone else to
relay for you. Or just move to a reputable provider. wanadoo isn't. In
addition to being a spam sewer they have a long standing reputation for
bad management and inept service here.

> I m using procmail rc to filter incoming mail, so i could use it . but i
> dont like that solution because [...]
> i would like to catch earlier the smtp error, is it possible ?

You'll have to look into the sendmail documentation for that. Frankly,
I'd try and use a more recent MTA; exim or postfix. I'm fairly sure
sendmail can do it but I don't really care to figure out how.

Summing up, a different provider or merely an external, competent, relay
provider are the easiest if not cheapest ways to deal with the problem.

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