> SCO wants to say that if they sell their stuff to you, they cannot prevent
> you from giving it away.

I think that GPL is restricting Linux now. There is a Linux
called 'Ubuntu'. I am sure that many of you heard about it. It is
and, in philosophy, similar to PC-BSD. Next release is gong to include
binary drivers for accelerated graphics. Since they are proprietary,
the source code is not going to be released. According to GPL,
one is required to include the source. It is not enough that source
exist somwhere else and it could be downloaded for free. A couple
of months ago there was a similar situation with another distribution,
I think it was Mepis.

The similar situation is with some multimedia stuff.

There is no space to negotiate intelectual property issues within
GPL. I mean stuff like 'give me this, and I will give you that in
And intelectual property DOES exist in almost every law system, and the
patents DO exist. And it is not a matter of someones preferences, and
can't close her/his eyes and wait until they are gone. I have tried to
that to some Linux people, but they wouldn't listen.