ADVERT: Caesarion v12-GAMMA FreeBSD/Linux software;

Note: Caesarion v12 is probably one of the most important pieces of
cryptography software
ever written, not only from a software excellence viewpoint, but
also from the algorithms
and techniques employed in the software.

"... a computer can't decrypt a code ..."
"... if it doesn't know if the code actually decrypts to something


C12-GAMMA is a finalised branch of Caesarion v12; a free software
product for the FreeBSD and Linux operating systems. It is distributed
under a software license which mandates that it may not be used for
terrorism, paedophilia or crimes against humanity.

The software provides secure (E-mail) communications facilities;
communications secrecy, user-authentication and data-integrity

C12-GAMMA provides some unique technological superiorities, including:

o The use of the L15 Stream Cipher which is a technological superiority
in itself.
o Innovative Cipher-Packet technique hides ciphertext in padding thus
preventing cryptanalysis.
o The software is supplied with file encryption utilities which utilise
the above facilities.
o E-mail is encrypted using the RSA public-key cryptosystem thus
eliminating security risks from symmetric ciphers.
o The provision of secret-public-key facilities caters for high
security scenarios.
o Unorthodox (reversed) RSA encoding of data should provide a higher
level of security relative to orthodox implementations.
o Digital signatures are encrypted thus eliminating security risks from
cryptographic hash functions (most of which have recently discovered
security issues).
o The software is supplied with a FreeBSD-4.11R /dev/[u]random
replacement kit.
o The software is supplied with complete documentation including manual

Caesarion v12-GAMMA website: