On a FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE AMD64 machine, we were using a 3ware 9550SX-12
controller, filled with 6 500GB disks in an array of 2TB (+ hot spare).
In FreeBSD, the full disk was being used as main storage.

We upgraded the machine with another 6 disks and migrated the array to a
single 4,5TB array. After giving the machine a reboot, i'm seeing a
4,5TB disk in dmesg.


Now i want to add a second partition (da0s2x) next to da0s1x, but fdisk
gives me a boo boo.. Browsing the net, i figured out that i have to use
gpt to cross the 2TB boundary (ridiculous that this boundary still
exists). How can i create the second partition WITHOUT having to
re-create a new MBR and removing all my data on the first partition? I'm
completely lost here


Remco Bressers