noob wrote:
: I have 2 40GB drives.
: I use hdd1 as my XP disk and hdd2 as a data disk (music, etc).
: I'm going to be giving fbsd a try and was wondering if its better to give
How much empty space do you have on your C: drive?
I would not destroy your existing windoze info - hard to
say when it may be useful.

I have a rather complete installation on a 18GB disk,
(no user data) but I can't build OpenOffice 2.x. It will be
replaced with a 73GB drive that is being delivered, and
6.2 is released.

With the price of a 40GB disk, perhaps it makes more
sense to simply get a third drive, and dedicate that to free
OSen? You would have room to do a rather complete FBSD install,
and still have room left over to build OpenOffice. :-)

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