I have problem with ipfw fwd. I want do blocking users with information

(pubIP1) Router ------ Hosting Server (pubIP2)
( | /^ (
| / redirect (port 80)
| /
My computer (pubIP3)

Router do not have natd (only ipforwarding), because my computer and
other form my network has public ip addresses. I add ipfw entry on Router:

> ipfw add 105 forward tcp from pubIP3 to any 80

On Hosting Server, i enable logging in ipfw. All works fine and
correctly with documentation from ipfw - destination address in packets
are not rewriting. So in Hosting Server when I connect to eg. google I
receive in logs:

> ipfw: 104 Accept TCP pubIP3:3593 in via rl0

IPFW in kernel is configured with default policy to accept.

And now I don't know how to configure Hosting Server to handle these
connections/packets which have destaddr= but server on
interface has

If I'am wrong with my thinking please correct me.

Thank you,