I am trying to log to syslog on my OpenBSD server from my Linksys
SPA3102 with no success. I am running syslog with the -u flag and have
confirmed that UDP port 514 is open. No changes have been made to
syslog.conf. Both machines are behind the firewall and are on the same
subnet. There is no firewall running on the OpenBSD machine

I can log to an XP based syslog daemon on my laptop, but cannot do so to my
OpenBSD machine.

I presume that syslog.conf needs to be updated before this facility will
work. However I can't work out how to configure syslog to accept syslog
traffic from my SPA3102.

What I would like to do is to log from the SPA3102 to a separate file, and
preferably have each SPA3102 log to separate file, as I have more than one.

Can anyone help me?