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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 09:45:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG Presents 2 presentations, Cobbler and Rocks with Subhendu Ghosh and Robert Rusinko
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
6:30pm-8:00 PM
590 Madison Ave, 12th Floor
corner of 57th Street

** RSVP Closes at 4:30pm the day of the meeting (sharp!) ***
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Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is at IBM, not Google!

Subhendu Ghosh
- on -
The Cobbler Provisioning System

If you've ever had to take a pile of computers and turn them into working
systems, you already know how much work there is from unpacking them to
putting them into production. Various tools have been created to
automate portions of the process, such as Kickstart, but still leave a
lot of work to the person installing the systems. Cobbler aims to make
this process easier and less error-prone by providing a PXE boot server
and tools such as Koan, to allow you a template-based system to provision
new systems, whether physical or virtual. Subhendu Ghosh will take us on
a walkthrough of Cobbler so you can see how easy it can be.

Robert Rusinko
- on -
Using Rocks to build Linux Clusters

There are now many options for creating Linux clusters; clustering
remains one of the hottest applications for Linux today. Along with an
overview of the popular clustering software, we will focus on the Rocks
package sponsored by the National Science Foundation, from basic
installation to running jobs. Robert Rusinko will be show us the ins and
outs of setting up clusters using Rocks, and give us a peek at the Rocks
5.0 (Beta) using Xen.

Meeting Location:
Please note that this meeting will be held at IBM, 590 Madison Ave,
12th floor, corner of 57th Street, and not at Google. This is
the building with the IBM logo on the front of the building.


Our friends at Prentice-Hall kindly provide us with review copies
of various new titles. One of these could be yours, all you have
to do is agree to review the book within a reasonable period of

Swag (Give Away):
During/after the meeting... unusually terrific swag may be given

After the meeting ... You may wish to join up with other NYLUGgers
over at TGI Fridays located at 677 Lexington Avenue and 56th
Street, second floor. Northeast corner.

Python Workshops:
We are rounding up a group that wants to learn Python. This would
be a great time to attend our workshop.

Those interested in working on the new NYLYG Web site are
strongly encouraged to attend also. Work has just begun on the
new NYLUG Jobs site.

The workshops meet every other Tuesday, at the NY Public Library,
Hudson Park Branch. 66 Leroy St. NY NY from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Next meeting is April 29th.
See the calendar at: http://tighturl.com/fp

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