New install on an hp Pavilion 7920 box of OpenBSD 4.2. It has two nics
in it, xl0 which is going to a dhcp server and dc0, configured statically. I
get to the point just after i configure the dc0 interface, xl0 is already
up, and i'm seeing repeative watchdog timeouts. I've seen this behavior
before but with the xl driver on a FreeBSD 6.1 machine, is there a fix for
this or should i replace the nic? If i do that, how hard is it to
reconfigure that static interface? Because of these repeating msgs i got a
pair of package sets selected when i didn't want them, i'd like to rectify
this. Ideally i'd like to correct the dc0 nic and the extra sets cleanly and
without having to do a reinstall.