I did a new install of OpenBSD 4.2 on a 32bit i386 box. I then pkg_add
rxvt, but it wont start with a color error.

www# /usr/home/srirams rxvt
rxvt: can't determine colour: Black
rxvt: can't determine colour: Black
rxvt: aborting

This seems to be an issue with the rgb.txt file and Xorg etc.. Can
some one direct me as to what is rxvt looking for in the OS and where
should it be.. I think it needs to look for the rgb.txt file - not
sure where..

www# /usr/home/srirams uname -a
OpenBSD www 4.2 GENERIC#375 i386

www# /usr/home/srirams rxvt -version
rxvt: bad option "-version"
Rxvt v2.7.10 - released: 26 MARCH 2003
XPM,transparent,utmp,menubar,XIM,multichar_languag es,scrollbars=rxvt,XGetDefaults