I am looking at some servers that come with the Tyan S2912WG2NR
motherboard. The vendor (Rackable) originally said that they knew
the MLBs worked on FreeBSD, but have since backed-off and now say
(Nov 2007) that they only know that they work on Windows and some
Linux releases and that they have no clients using FreeBSD.
That last bit seems somewhat unlikely, but whatever.

So, I am interested in hearing of success/failures with regard to
the Tyan S2912WG2NR on these three points:

1. The onboard Gigabit ethernet ports, which appears to be
Marvell PHY 88E1121. I have found one single Google reference
that this chipset is not recognized on FreeBSD 6.2, but the latest
RELENG 6.2 or 7.0 Beta seem to work. Can anyone confirm?

2. The onboard SATA controller (supposedly a NFP 3600).
The only Google reference I could find to this controller and FreeBSD
was that the RAID 1 was non-functional under FreeBSD, but no indication
of what release or what exactly didn't work. Anybody know
anything about that?

3. The onboard SAS controller. This is supposedly a LSI 1064E,
and there were a few Google hits indicating that it is not
recognized in the 6.2 release, but 7.0 Beta or RELENG 6.2 does
recognize it, possibly with the addition of a PCI ID or two
and kernel recompile.

Based on the vendor description of the motherboard, both of these
disk controllers are supposedly megacells in an even larger chip used on
this MLB, and that might explain why the various drivers have trouble
identifying controllers that they might otherwise talk to.

I only need one of the disk controllers to work - don't really care
which, but must have RAID 1 working. I also need both of the
onboard ethernets to work. All my load is on the network side,
not on the disks.

As this has become somewhat pressing, any success/failure stories
would be greatly appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

It might be a stretch to put an important network-bound application
on 7.0 immediately, but I can cope with some amount of back-porting
into 6.2 which has proven itself to date on other hardware.

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