I've been posting tales of the installations of FreeBSD that I've done
(at very lengthy intervals) over the past decade or so. The past two
nights, I installed 6.2-STABLE. And this time, it was a bit different.

My previous installations were always far too cramped (starting with a
250Mbyte partition for 2.1-STABLE which I kept growing till I installed
6.1-STABLE in 1.7Gbytes). This time, I created a new 20Gbyte partition
on a different disk. I could choose just about whatever packages I liked,
and install ports. What joy.

On top of that, I had no problems with hardware detection (previously,
my KVM-connected mouse was mis-identified, but since 6.0, that seems to
work correctly). So overall, I'm quite pleased.

Now if only the amd64 version would work on my new PC ...

A bientot