Changes In Technology & The Best SEO Techniques Today
Marketing Technology
March 8, 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a very big role in boosting the sales and the growth of your business. However, for you to succeed in SEO and rank among the top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), there are several best SEO techniques today that you need to include in your SEO strategies which are discussed below.

1. Mobile Optimization

Many people nowadays use their phones to conduct searches over the internet and this trend, therefore, requires you to ensure that your business website is mobile-friendly. This is especially important because more and more people are using their smartphones and mobile handsets to conduct searches and this trend is increasing at an increasing rate. Therefore while creating a website, ensure that your ask your web creator and designer conceptualize the SEO strategies to be mobile friendly.

2. Update or republish your blog posts

People like reading new posts and ideas and easily get bored with reading the same stuff all the time. It is, therefore, important to ensure that new posts are added to your website constantly which can be after every month or even after every three weeks.

3. Utilize the power of social media influence

Social media like Facebook, Twitter or others have very high number of users, and it is the only place where you will easily get feedback and redirect the potential clients to your website. Over 70% of the marketers are already using the social media influence to boost their SEO and get more clients. Always ensure that you have a Facebook page, LinkedIn page and a Twitter profile in your SEO strategies to be successful.

4. Use video in your website content

Video plays a very big role as well in attracting the attention of the internet browsers, and every website should include a video in their SEO strategies. Additionally, video media such as Youtube attracts a very large number of internet visitors who you can then redirect to your website as well.

This is were SEO Marketing Agency that is powered by comes in and the best 3 Reasons why You Need An SEO Specialist if you are trying to gain a web presence online then you need to learn how to rank in Google and the other major search engines. This is accomplished through search engine optimization or SEO. This refers to the ability to cater your site to the search engines needs as well as content and off-page factors to gain better rankings. Higher rankings lead to more visitors and thus more money. Substantial money is made in going this route because the visitors that land on your site are free, targeted, and initiated/choose the search for your content. This is just one reason why SEO is so powerful and why you need to implement it if you are a website owner. Below is a list of 3 reasons why you need an SEO specialist to help you build your presence in the search rankings.

Reasons You Need An SEO Specialist

Organic Search Traffic
Website Optimization
SEO That Will Not Get You Penalized

Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is the most coveted type of traffic on the web. This is because it is one hundred percent free and highly targeted. The money that you make off organic search traffic is pure profit.

Website Optimization

If you are a beginner learning how to optimize your website for google can seem near impossible to get right. That is because it takes a lot of knowledge to know what to tweak and what to leave as is. An SEO specialist will be able to set these things up on your site in just a few minutes.

SEO That Will Not Get You Penalized

One of the biggest risks of performing SEO by yourself is that you run the risk of doing something that will get you penalized by the search engines. An SEO specialist can prevent this from happening.

Now all this can be intimidating to you, but not to worry you can contact an SEO Specialist like SEO Marketing agency if you are in cape Town. Now i know you are saying this is all great but i am not in Cape Town! Not to worry SEO Marketing Agency is the sister company of, which has an international reach and is able to help you with any SEO marketing needs. Now do you understand why you need an seo specialist ?

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Onion vs. Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino
Laptops & PC
January 30, 2017
Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion

In the Internet of Things, there are as many different devices it seems as there are Internet sites. However, out of these three, several have made the biggest impact due to their usefulness and sheer dimunition. On one hand, we have the Onion, a fresh Kickstarter graduate Linux server barely bigger than a postage stamp.

On another, we have Raspberry Pi, a veteran Linux computer known for its extensible general purpose input/output and ability to run a variety of versions of Linux at a reasonable cost. Finally, we have Arduino, which does not run a Linux system but provides extensibility to the Internet through modules called “shields” that allow it to have WiFi, Bluetooth, and any number of extensible circuits.

Onion: The Little Linux Server

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion

Visit the Onion page at and you’ll see a full site dedicated to this little marvel. A very recent graduate of Kickstarter, this fully funded project from Germany began shipping in November of 2016 and is designed specifically to be a Linux server for the Internet of Things. IoT technology is becoming more and more widespread, and as is apparent from the Onion, more and more diminutive. Their trademark picture is a photo of the Onion CPU next to a cherry, the Onion ever so slightly bigger in dimension.

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion

Unfortunately, although the Onion is very extensible, and a steal at the Kickstarter price of $5.00 plus shipping, it requires a dual-port USB dock to be of any real use. However, with that $15 piece of hardware, the world opens up. Connect to your device using either a SSH terminal such as PuTTY or an X terminal emulator such as Hummingbird and you are greeted with a familiar Linux command line. From there, you are free to update as often as new functionality comes out and extend it through the 40 GPIO ports available using a programming language of your choice.

Add a Micro SD card, and different software loads are possible as well as storage solutions. Remember that this device is a server—you can use it as a music server, connect it to a printer, develop a surveillance rig…the Onion is at your mercy. Its diminutive size means it hides anywhere, and receives its power through a Micro USB jack. The downside to the Onion is that it is geared more to the experienced Linux user as opposed to the inexperienced maker, and the console interface for command line Linux is far easier to use than anything to make this thing tick. However, despite that drawback, for raw power and low price point it is hard to beat with a complete Onion running just over $25 shipped including dock.

Raspberry Pi: For the Maker

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion

Developed for learning and designed as almost a companion animal to the later-mentioned Arduino, this device is available in several formats (A, B, B+, C) and each transition ushers in extended functionality. Tested here is the B+, with both HDMI and component video/audio breakout and extra USB ports. The Pi is designed to live in a case, but that case is noted by the fact that it has a very large hole in the top of it to accommodate extensions. By ribbon cable you can attach any one of a number of aftermarket cameras. WiFi was optional with the tested model, but a Pi-specific WiFi adapter for USB came cheaply as an option. On top of that, there are 40 GPIO ports that can be adapted to different circuits using DuPont-style connectors and a breadboard or modules that plug in to the square holes that are reminiscent of a legacy hard drive connector.

The Pi runs exclusively off of a SD or MicroSD card depending on model, but later models are said to be able to run off of a MicroSD card and run a copy of Windows 10. Used as designed with Raspbian, a specific distribution of Linux designed specifically for Raspberry Pi, you are greeted with a host of tools for programming in Python and manipulating the works of the Pi. Whether it is Linux vs Unix, raspberry pi should technically work for both. In fact, the Pi is fully compatible and is capable of programming the Arduino, although with a MicroSD power supply an external power supply for the Arduino is a necessity. For a coder who is also a maker, and is comfortable in a Linux graphical environment, this little box running as cheaply as $25 is a worthwhile investment in learning.

Arduino: For Makers

Arduino lacks the operating system of the previous two entries, but it itself is noteworthy in that it is an Internet of Things maker tool. Running on a variety of Atmel AVR microcontrollers (Arduino Duo, Arduino Uno) or a Cortex ARM microprocessor (newer models), Arduino can do whatever you ask it to within its number of inputs and outputs. Using DuPont style headers, you can plug any number of shields or devices into it, including shields made for WiFi and Bluetooth that allow it to connect to other devices. Example projects are remote rain sensors, spy cameras, and other projects including a particularly stunning 3x3x3 LED cube that can be built and run with a minimum of code using an Arduino and a readily available binary shift register chip on a breadboard. Unlike the other devices which expect you to know Linux, Arduino only expects you to know a stripped-down version of Python, which it uses to create what is known as a “sketch.” Once a sketch is loaded on the Arduino, you no longer need a computer and once you apply power your microcontroller powered project is off and running. Its extensibility goes far beyond the basic number of ports on board; there are shields that extend the ports to allow you to connect any number of components and it is also capable of serial commands over a bus allowing components like an LCD display to be driven with just a couple of wires.

For the maker just wanting to get his feet wet in the realm of coding and turn over rapid prototypes, Arduino was designed just for this purpose. For a more Linux-minded individual who wants similar capability but more extensibility, the Raspberry Pi is the animal of choice. But for pure robustness and features in the smallest, most power conscious package to date, the Onion takes the prize as the newest, greatest thing to hit the market, and it is obvious from the strong response to the Kickstarter that a strong aftermarket in Onion add-ons is soon to come.

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The Computer Mechanics of an Electric Skateboard
January 30, 2017


Skateboards have been around for quite a while now with both kids and some adults enjoying the fun and freedom they deliver. What better way than to add motors to them. There are many types of electric skateboards available these days, and many companies are developing new and innovative technologies to the same idea which is having your skateboard driven by motors. Let us look at a few innovations for the electric skateboard and what mechanisms they use.

Types of boards

Electrically driven skateboards come in various models. Some have four wheels while others have two and sometimes even one. The longboards are the more popular ones, but the newer two and one wheel versions are gaining traction.

Electric longboards

These look similar to the regular longboard, but they have an electric motor built into them. The latest ones are produced by various top brands and include in wheel motors with new technologies like generating electricity while braking. You will find many designs that are suitable for smooth surface and some that can even be used on rougher roads.

Two-wheeled boards

These are sometimes called hoverboards and have two wheels and a platform where you stand. It is controlled entirely by the body, and if you lean forward, it will start moving or backward if you want to stop. Leaning to a side will allow you to turn. There are gyroscopes in these boards that help maintain balance and give stability.


Monowheel boards

These are not for the faint hearted as they will take some getting used to. The user stands on the sides of the wheel and uses their body to move. They are rather flexible and can be maneuvered easily on.

The mechanics

All skateboards that are electrically powered require a few elements, and they include a motor or motors, a battery to power the motor, a controller and a method of braking. Let’s look at these features individually.


Many electric boards use a motor with a belt and gears to power them. These are acceptable, but the external motor is quite susceptible to damage. The latest innovation is in wheel motors that give the boards more maneuverability and control.


Electrically powered skateboards require a battery to run the motors (learn more). It is usually housed inside the boards which is hollow or sometimes underneath the board. However, having it exposed may cause damages so the models with a battery pack inside the board would work better. These electrically powered models are rechargeable.


There are some models that you switch on, and the wheels start turning. These are a little tricky to control. However, you do get electrical skateboards that come with a handheld controller that you use to accelerate or brake when required.


This is an important function in electrical skateboards. You must have a method to stop the board if you desire. Electrically powered long boards can be stopped by using the controller which the two-wheel models can be stopped by simply leaning backward.


Whatever the model you use, you must be able to maintain your balance. Some models will have inbuilt gyroscopes to help you maintain your balance and not accelerate too fast.


Skateboards have come a long way, and with technology advancing at a rapid pace, we will see new developments for electrically powered models coming out all the time. You too can now use them for both fun and as a means of transportation.

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How To Run Your Laptop Battery Efficiently
Laptops & PC
January 24, 2017

Did you know that you could increase the run time of your notebook battery by optimizing the power settings of your laptop?

Yes, optimizing the laptop power settings and some other strategies of conserving notebook battery power can add extra hours to the run time of your battery. That is because operation at maximum performance requires more power where as with optimized power settings a trade off is obtained between the performance and power consumption.

The notebooks have become thinner, smaller and lighter because of sleeker notebook battery designs. Thus this has been at the expense of large powerful long lasting batteries. This loss however is compensated by smarter power management options that accompany the present day laptops.

Here we will mention some of the strategies that can save a lot of your notebook battery power. For more cool tips and tricks get in touch with us here at!

…and NO, there’s nothing geeky about them. They are very doable and you can implement them immediately.

Power down the display

Dim the screen to the lowest level at which you feel comfortable while working. When you lower the screen resolution and colour depth the workload on the GPU decreases, thus increasing the battery run time. That jazzy background screen saver of yours is bound to consume more energy than a simple one. So try keeping a simple back ground theme.

You can change the settings by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings/System/Advanced/Performance Settings/ Visual Effects.

Turn off un used devices

Turn off the unused devices as they might consume power when they are turned on even though they are not being used. For example bluetooth wireless consumes notebook battery power even when not in use. Simillarly airport wireless consumes power despite of it’s features not being used to connect to a network.

Disconnect peripherals when not in use. Eject CDs and DVDs if they are not currently being accessed. Disable the CD ROM’s auto insert notification.

Turn off extra features

Turn off or reduce the frequency of auto save features. Disable automatic formatters, spell checkers and auto recalculate features. Turn off scheduled tasks. If you use scheduled tasks to run programs or scripts, or if you schedule other tasks to occur automatically at a preset time, specify that these tasks won’t be performed when the computer is running on battery power. To reach the scheduled task options follow Start/Settings/Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks or Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks.

Keep the use of tools in the notification bar to a minimum. The idea is to make minimal use of the CPU. Look at the notification area of the taskbar and close any tools (or utilities) that are unnecessary. Often, these tools are pre-installed on the computer. To make changes to the taskbar and the start menu go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Taskbar and Start Menu.

Decrease hard drive activity

Notebook battery run time can be improved by reducing the hardware activity. Go for Defragmentation of your hard drive regularly. This optimizes the placement of data on the drive so that it could be found more quickly. It can be found at Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter.

Optimize windows paging file. It’s a part of the hard drive which serves as the memory whenever the RAM is full. To optimize it go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance Settings/Advanced/Virtual Memory and then change and set both the initial and maximum paging file size to 1.5 times the capacity of the installed memory.

Disable start up Items

Every time Windows boots up, start up items load into memory. That causes other open applications to spill over into virtual memory and adds up to the CPU memory. The start up options can be disabled by going to Start/Programs/Startup folder. Remove the unnecessary background items.

Add memory to your notebook. You can minimize the virtual memory reliance of Windows and reduce notebook power consumption by adding memory to your mobile PC.

Configure proper power settings

Windows includes certain power schemes that were created for mobile PCs in particular.

  • The Portable/Laptop power scheme makes power usage minimum to conserve your battery, but then it adjusts to the processing needs so as not to compromise with the system speed.
  • The Max Battery power scheme minimizes the notebook battery power usage but does not adjust to your processing demand changes. So use Max Battery only when you require minimal processing power.

You can change the power schemes by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Power Options/Power Schemes.

Standby and hibernate modes are two important power conserving features. Each has it’s own unique situation of application.

Standby is energy conserving, because your laptop switches to a low-power state. Devices, such as the monitor and hard disks, turn off and the notebook/laptop uses less power. Standby leaves applications and files open on your desktop. Standby is perfect when you’re taking a short break. One important limitation with the standby mode is that everything stays in memory but is not saved to the hard drive.

Hibernate mode writes an image of the current work on to a special file on the hard drive, and then shuts your notebook almost completely off. It takes a bit longer than standby, since it writes to your hard drive. Hibernate also takes a bit longer to resume, since you must go through essentially the normal boot process. When you start it back up, you’ll see everything as you left it. Hibernate is the perfect mode for shutting down for the night or even the weekend.

(NOTE: Check the power save settings under the BIOS. If this is not enabled then the windows power management settings may not work properly.)

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5 Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC
January 24, 2017
Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC

Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows

This post is especially for kids from 90’s. Yes, you heard it right, only kids from 90’s know about GBA Games. I loved to play GBA games on a traditional console that my uncle brought for me I loved playing the best Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows. I can’t forget those old days when I spent lots of hours in completing first ten stages of Captain Tsubasa. I remembered the time and smiled when there were no option to restart a game from some previously saved state, and I cried a lot when there were power failure issues.

Do you know that you can get almost every GBA game today via internet websites? You can still play those games at home. Don’t worry about those traditional consoles; you don’t need to buy one, your PC will work as your GBA console now. Below I’m going to share five best GBA emulators for Windows PC that will help you to play any GBA game for free. If you don’t remember those games, check out this list of the best GBA games and download and start playing them right now.

I think without wasting your time I should start discussing Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows here:

Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance is the best emulator for GBA games, it has tons of features and can be a blessing for any hardcore gamer. The graphics, sound and everything is top notch, just check out its features to know more about it.


  • You can record screen with just one click.
  • You can use cheats available Online and also option to save and load states is available.
  • You can play games in full-screen mode(800×600) without compromising quality.
  • I wasn’t able to mention its all features so I just shared a screenshot below so you can check all of them yourself.

Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC

Download Now.


Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows

This one is a lightweight emulator, and I’ve tested it on my Windows 10 PC. The great thing about mGBA is that it got updated in December 2016 and the developer fixed a lot of bugs in it. It runs smoothly without lagging on Windows 10 PC and previous Windows versions i.e. Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and XP too.

Let’s discuss some of its features. I played Dragon Ball Z on it in full-screen mode; nothing happened to graphics of that game while on some emulators the pixels quality gets down when you make the screen full. See the screenshot below to check its quality.

Other features:

  • You can save states at any point of the game and can load them later whenever you want.
  • Moreover, an option is available to fast forward the game but make sure you can play it with that speed; it can also hang your PC if hardware resources are little.
  • You can increase of decrease screen brightness.
  • The interesting thing is that you can record screen in GIF format so that you can share your achievements and remarkable moments on social media.

Download Now.

VGBA(Virtual GBA)

This one is similar to Visual GBA discussed above, but its graphics and sound quality are quite bad. Furthermore, my PC kept repeatedly hanging while playing games. It could be because of Windows 10 compatibility issues; you can check this guide to make it compatible.


  • You can run 64kB or 128kB flash ROMs on it.
  • More than five different video modes are available including full screen, interpolate and simulate modes. You can choose one according to your desire.
  • You can listen game’s sound in different modes too, for example, if you love relaxing music, then you can choose the Midi mode.

Download Now.


Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC

This one is quite good but not the best, it’s fast and loads games rapidly but the only thing I disliked were the graphics. I played Sonic Advance 3 on it, and the graphics quality was low. Moreover, there are lack of features in it, like you can’t fast forward games and also no screen recording functions available there.

Other features:

  • You can only take screenshots with its built-in feature.
  • One great thing I found in it is that you can move your saved data to NDS or any other GBA emulator, but you must have technicalknowledge of doing this.
  • You can’t save states in it but you can use readily available cheats and can skip hurdles

Download Now.


Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC

This one also has good features, but it didn’t work on my Windows 10 PC properly. First I tried playing street fighter alpha 3 on it but it didn’t load the game, and then I ran another GBA game, and it ran instantly but with zero sound. I’m sure it’s because of Windows 10 compatibility issues, as this emulator was first launched in 2003 so it’s an outdated emulator. I’d recommend it for Windows 7 and Windows XP users.


  • Zoom in feature up to 400%.
  • If you love the game sound, you can record it in MP3/Wav formats.
  • CPU and other hardware debuggers are available to diagnose the issues in case of failure.
  • Skip intro of any game with its “skip intro hacks” feature.

Download Now.

Only one emulator is enough to play GBA games, but I mentioned five different ones because of compatibility issues on various machines. Below are a few tips you should follow before playing GBA games:

  1. Make sure your computer’s resources(CPU+RAM) are enough to run these emulators.
  2. You should buy a big screen to enjoy these games fully.
  3. You shouldn’t use any untrusted websites to download games; they could infect your PC with a virus.
  4. You don’t need to spend money on DVDs of these games; you can get all of them from different gaming websites, just search your favorite ones on Google.
  5. Better to buy two joysticks to enjoy these games, if you use the keyboard then you would miss lots of fun.

If you think that the above list should feature some other emulator then comment below with its name, we’ll review and add it to the list for the Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows

A special thanks to for GBA games ideas.

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6 Google Sheets Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient
Tips & Hacks
January 24, 2017
Google sheets

While MS Excel still rules the spreadsheet world, Google Sheets has been slowly making inroads.

It has found some loyalists in freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Google Sheets comes with a great set of functions, highly useful functionalities and the ability to collaborate with others (something where it has an edge over Excel spreadsheets).

If you’re one of the growing fans of Google Sheets, here are six Google Sheets hacks that will save you time and make you more efficient.

#1 Quickly Color Alternate Rows

Do you know that coloring alternate rows in a spreadsheet can drastically increase its readability?

There is an inbuilt feature in Google Sheets that allows you to quickly color alternate rows in a dataset.

Here are the steps to quickly highlight alternate rows:

  • Select the data set in which you want to highlight alternate cells.
  • Go to Format tab and click on ‘Alternating Colors’ option. This will open the ‘Alternating colors’ pane on the right.

Google Sheets Hacks


  • Select the formatting style and specify if you data has a header and/or footer. If you don’t like the given formats, you can also create your own format.

Google Sheets Hacks

This would instantly apply the selected color to the alternate rows in Google Sheets.

To remove alternate colors, select the data and click on the ‘Remove alternating colors’ option in the ‘Alternating colors’ pane.

#2 Freeze Rows/Columns with a Simple Drag and Drop Trick

One of the frustrations of working with large data set is that as soon as you scroll away from the headers, you lose track of the data.

Freezing rows/columns is a cool technique that will make sure these headers are always visible no matter where you go in the worksheet.

Here are the steps to freeze the top row:

  • In the top-left part of the worksheet, you will see a gray empty box (as shown below).

Google Sheets Hacks

  • Place your mouse on the thick gray line below this box and you will notice that it changes to the hand icon.
  • Left-click from the mouse and drag it down to one row.

This will freeze the top row in your Google Sheets.

If you have headers in more than one row (say 3 rows), you can drag the gray line and place it below the third row.

Similarly, if you want to freeze a column with headers, simply drag the gray line to the right.

#3 Insert Image from URL

Google Sheets has this amazing function that allows you to directly insert an image in a cell using the URL of the image.

It can be done using the IMAGE function in Google Sheets.

Below is the syntax of the IMAGE function:

=IMAGE(url, [mode], [height], [width])

It takes four arguments:

  • url – this is the URL of the image you want to insert.
  • [mode] – this is an optional argument where you can specify values between 1 to 4. If you don’t specify an option, it takes 1 as default.
    1 resizes the image to fit within the cell.
    2 stretches the image to completely fill the cell.
    3 leaves the image at the original size.
    4 allows you to specify the height and width of the image.
  • [height] – the height of the image.
  • [width] – the width of the image

Here is the formula that will give you the google logo image in a cell:


Google Sheets Hacks

Cool.. isn’t it?

#4 Use a Drop Down List for Faster Data Entry

A drop down list is really helpful if you want a user to enter only pre-defined items in a cell.

You must have seen these in many online web forms, where you can quickly select from the given options.

It also helps keep your data entry consistent and error free.

Suppose you have a list of items and shown below and you want to create a drop down list in Google Sheets so that a user can select from these items only.

Google Sheets Hacks

Here are the steps to create a drop down list in Google Sheets:

  • Go to the cell where you want the drop down list.
  • Go to the Data tab and select the Validation option.

Google Sheets Hacks

  • In the Data Validation dialog box, make the following changes:
  • Make sure Cell range refers to the cell where you want the drop down list.
  • In criteria, make sure ‘List from a range’ is selected and specify the cells that have the items (A1:A6 in this case).
  • Click on Save.

Google Sheets Hacks

This would instantly create a drop down list in the selected cell. You will be able to see a small downward pointing arrow in the cell that indicates the presence of a drop down list.

Now you can click on the arrow and the drop down list would appear from which you can make a selection.


Google Sheets Hacks

Note that this drop down is dynamic. For example, if I go and change the source data (in cells A1:A6), the drop down would automatically update.

Here is a video tutorial on creating a drop down list in Google Sheets:

#5 Get a list of Unique Items

If you have a dataset that contains duplicates, you can quickly get all the unique items using the UNIQUE function.

Suppose you have a data set as shown below where there are duplicates:

Google Sheets Hacks

To get all the unique names from this, select the cell where you want the names and use the following formula:


Google Sheets Hacks

This would instantly give you all the unique items (in this case names) from the list.

Note that this is an array function and you will not be able to delete one item from the unique. If you have to, you will have to delete the entire array.

#6 Run Spell Check to Correct Misspelled Word

Nothing spoils the credibility of your work as fast as a spelling mistake does,

Thankfully, Google Sheets have you covered here.

If you work with text data in Google Sheets, here is a quick tip to run spell-check in Google Sheets that will help you make your worksheet free of any misspelled words.

Here is how to run the spell-check in Google Sheets:

  • Select the data on which you want to run the spell-check (or select the entire worksheet).
  • Go to Tools tab and click on the Spelling option.

Google Sheets Hacks

This will run the spell check on your data and show you any misspelled words in finds. You can then choose to correct it (manually or based on the suggestions) or ignore it.

These 6 Google Sheets Hacks save me a lot of time daily and makes me super-efficient.

I am sure you also have a couple of good Google Sheets tips up your sleeve. Would love to hear about it in the comments section.

About Author: This is a guest post by Sumit Bansal. Sumit is a spreadsheet geek and loves to share cool tips through his blogs and videos. Check out his blog on Google Sheets Tips.

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Emerging wireless technologies that will change the world
Wireless Tech
January 24, 2017
wireless tech2

Undoubtedly, technology is changing the way we live and work. There’s scarcely any sphere of life remaining that’s been untouched by technology.

It’s improving the way we play, entertain ourselves, communicate with others, know about the world and travel.

One technology that’s chief among them is wireless tech. In a universe made of waves, it’s only fitting that the next breakthrough that could change everything be founded on wireless innovation.

Today we’re going to see how wireless technology will change the world.

iOT that will extend to all home appliances

The Internet of Things or iOT is where we connect hardware to the internet. Most hardware that can be connected to the internet consists of wireless routers, PC/laptop or tablets and phones/phablets.

Think about extending the connections to appliances like a washing machine or toaster.

Intel introduced a new chip at the recent CES event. This chip can be integrated with home appliances to make them connected to the internet.

Now, think of a washing machine that can order itself new washing powder when it runs out of supply. Better yet, think of a machine that can download repair tutorials and order spare parts and repair itself.

Think of a future where a 3D printing machine prints food for you after downloading recipes from the internet.

This will require huge bandwidth, the kind that can only be supported by a 5G wireless network but once the infrastructure is in place, iOT is only limited by imagination.

Music without messy wires

wireless tech

For a lot of people, listening to music is some kind of ritual where everything needs to be perfect.

Wires, for the most part are perfectly capable of ruining an experience that most people look forward to.

Music without wires in between can provide much needed freedom to audiophiles.

Apple, for example is one of the pioneers in this matter. Apple’s Airplay works with multiple devices without any loss in audio quality. The only exception is that it doesn’t work with Android devices.

Airplay doesn’t compress music files, resulting in no loss when executing them and that’s one of many reasons why we love them.

Bose’s new wi-fi based wireless music system SoundTouch is making the rounds these days. SoundTouch only works with Bose devices to stream music. However these devices can be remote controlled by an app on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Talk about comfort music eh?

Wireless charging will go mainstream

Wireless charging at the moment is in its infancy. Simply put, wireless charging uses electromagnetic waves for transferring power from one point to another point.

This kind of charging adds safety to the process, since inductive charging doesn’t cause short circuits or electrocution.

It works on the principle of resonance. So both the device and the charge point remain at the same frequency when being charged. This presents another advantage, that of charging multiple devices simultaneously.

The current obstacle to wireless charging is that it’s slow compared to wired charging. But as with every innovation, we will get there eventually. Another disadvantage is that compared to direct charging, this technology is only 70% efficient at best.

Currently, only smartphones have wireless chargers but not very long in the future we’ll be able to witness wireless charging extending to everything, including home appliances and automobiles.

They will not only be able to charge in a wireless manner but also communicate without wires.

All of which brings me to my next point.

Intelligent wireless sensor networks

wireless tech2

Such sensor networks can be employed when data gathering is required for large sample sizes.

Imagine a million sensors capable of recording data related to traffic, weather conditions, temperature, humidity etc. and relaying everything over to your car to make the right decision.

Such wireless sensor networks are already being employed by researchers to study birds by fitting small sensors onto hundreds of thousands of bird nests.

There’s no reason why it can’t be adapted to solve bigger problems.

Broadband with Terabit Satellite

It’s often difficult for people in remote regions to be able to access internet. Wireless cellular connections seldom have any signal strength in those areas.

However satellites can send signals to remote and sparsely populated areas without any fuss.

Most satellites that circle the globe can send up to 2400 gigabits of data per second and they’re mostly used for weather data, research and surveillance. However, ViaSat a satellite company, along with Boeing has embarked on a new project to create and deploy three Terabit satellites.

These satellites deliver data speeds of 1 Terabit per second which is much higher than that of conventional satellites. They will be used to deliver internet access to remote regions and also to sailors and people in merchant navy ships.

Not only will it help with maritime communications but also largely improve communication between airlines and jets.

When all three satellites roam the skies, the combined internet capacity delivered will be higher than everything we have seen so far.

Google’s Project Fi

Innovative companies like SpaceX are already launching satellites to provide internet connectivity to all areas with satellites. Google’s project balloon aims at dotting the sky with thousands of balloons that will provide 5G internet all over the world.

However, what’s most interesting is Google’s Project Fi which is being beta tested now.

It’s a wireless network that lets the user switch between carriers without swapping SIM cards. The network chooses the best carrier based on the strength at a given place and time. It adds much needed convenience and frees customers from the tyranny of network carriers.

What I think of the future?

With all the advances that are being made, I feel that the future will be very interesting. We will be able to find more ways to able to interact with others through technology. Boredom will be thing of the past.

There will be fewer accidents and more control over every aspect of life with intelligent devices and better technology at the forefront. Innovation will fight all problems that currently crush humanity and a better tomorrow awaits us all.

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How To Notify if Cellphone is Tapped
January 24, 2017
how to tell if my phone is tapped 2

how to tell if my phone is tappedThere are many reasons why someone may be enthusiastic about listening to your phone calls. It could either be considered a thief, your boss, your spouse or simply a prankster. Most people’s privacy is usually invaded though their cell phones. Someone can pay attention to your discussions through your telephone if they have the ability to tap your telephone. You should be keen to learn whether your telephone has been tapped or not to be able to keep up your privacy.

Is my mobile phone tapped?

Though I have been working with cellular phone spy software for some years, I am always shocked to learn the few range of people who know how the spy software works and exactly how easily it could be accessed. Many people are usually stunned at the functions of the cellphone spy software that may easily be afforded by most middle-income earners. However, one must know about the many types of the cellphone spy software and the way to utilize them before they can purchase one. You will need to check a few of the reviews from various sites as it’ll be pick in understanding the many types of cellular phone spy software’s and what they could do.

Definitely, anybody will be astonished to learn that their mobile phones have been tapped and they’ll usually be irritated at the invasion of the privacy. However, for a few individuals, the results can become more serious. Most people are usually in danger although anyone has their level of privacy breached by the spy software. Try thinking about the sort of information or what has been transferring through your cellular phone over a day-to-day basis. You shall be concerned with that! However, you will need never to worry too much since there are methods for you to always use to identify a cellular phone spy software programs on your phone.

How exactly to know if your mobile is tapped


how to tell if my phone is tapped 2

There are symptoms that can always let you know if your cellphone has been tapped or has been monitored for some reason. However, the symptoms can be refined however when you know about what you are interested in, they’ll be glaring always. Here are some signs that may help you know if your cellular phone has been tapped.

  1. Weird Looks during calls

In the event, there are faraway or static voices or clicking tones arriving through your cellular phone if you are over a call, it’s rather an indication that someone has tapped on your telephone. However, this isn’t normal with the present day networks. It really is an ordinary thing of days gone by and only from the analogue or the traditional style systems. In the event you can hear fragmentary voices, there may be a probability that there surely is a cellular phone tapping software installed on your phone.

  1. Reduction in the capability of the Power

Decrease in the capability of the battery pack is another great sign of a tapped cellular phone. Any tapped mobile phone will be recording your entire activities and transmitting them to a third party device. This means a rise in the use of your cellular phone battery and the battery will be losing life considerably faster. Any tapped cellular phone will be recording conversations all the right times while on even when it is idle.  As a total result, the increase in work shall cause battery life being shorter. You can always confirm this by making use of your cellular phone battery on another cellular phone of the same model. In the event you power is using more electricity while on your mobile than on another mobile phone of the same model, then there are chances that your cellular phone is being monitored.

  1. Your Cellular Phone Shows Activity you should definitely in use

Is your cellular phone smoking cigarettes or making sounds if you are not utilizing it? Will it sometimes reboot for no justification? If some of those is going on to your mobile device, then there are chances that someone is having access to your cellular phone secretly.

  1. You CELLULAR PHONE take long to turn off

Any cellphone will always have to complete any task it was performing before it shuts down. If the mobile device has been transmitting data to someone, it shall need additional time to complete the procedure before it can turn off. This can make it to adopt longer time to carefully turn off in particular when you have just sent a text, received a call, a contact or after web browsing. You will find chances maybe it’s mailing data to an authorized device.

  1. The Battery Temps rises

The heat range of your cellular phone battery can even be a good sign that your cellular phone has been tapped. In the event the phone seems warm when you yourself have not used it, there are chances that, it’s been transmitting data to an authorized device.

  1. If you are Receiving Normal texts

Are you obtaining weird texts that contain people, symbols or arbitrary numbers?

The mobile phones handy remote control feature software functions by conveying coded Text message emails to the cellular phone, these is seen whenever the spy software is no longer working well. In the event any such thing often happens more, there are chances that your mobile may be tapped.

  1. Upsurge in Data Usage

There is cellphone spy software that uses extra data to be able to count information that is gathered from your cellular phone. Hence, it is a good idea that you consider unexplained upsurge in the use of data in your mobile phone. However, the best spy software uses less data and you will be impossible to identify but other poor software’s will show you that for you.

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