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Changes In Technology & The Best SEO Techniques Today


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a very big role in boosting the sales and the growth of your business. However, for you to succeed in SEO and rank among the top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), there are several best SEO techniques today that you need to include in your SEO strategies which are…

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Onion vs. Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino And Added vs Onion In the Internet of Things, there are as many different devices it seems as there are Internet sites. However, out of these three, several have made the biggest impact due to their usefulness and sheer dimunition. On one hand, we have the Onion, a fresh Kickstarter graduate…

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The Computer Mechanics of an Electric Skateboard


Introduction Skateboards have been around for quite a while now with both kids and some adults enjoying the fun and freedom they deliver. What better way than to add motors to them. There are many types of electric skateboards available these days, and many companies are developing new and innovative technologies to the same idea…

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How To Run Your Laptop Battery Efficiently


Did you know that you could increase the run time of your notebook battery by optimizing the power settings of your laptop? Yes, optimizing the laptop power settings and some other strategies of conserving notebook battery power can add extra hours to the run time of your battery. That is because operation at maximum performance…

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5 Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC

Best GBA Emulators for Windows PC

Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows This post is especially for kids from 90’s. Yes, you heard it right, only kids from 90’s know about GBA Games. I loved to play GBA games on a traditional console that my uncle brought for me I loved playing the best Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows. I…

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6 Google Sheets Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

Google sheets

While MS Excel still rules the spreadsheet world, Google Sheets has been slowly making inroads. It has found some loyalists in freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Google Sheets comes with a great set of functions, highly useful functionalities and the ability to collaborate with others (something where it has an edge over Excel spreadsheets).…

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Emerging wireless technologies that will change the world

wireless tech2

Undoubtedly, technology is changing the way we live and work. There’s scarcely any sphere of life remaining that’s been untouched by technology. It’s improving the way we play, entertain ourselves, communicate with others, know about the world and travel. One technology that’s chief among them is wireless tech. In a universe made of waves, it’s…

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How To Notify if Cellphone is Tapped

how to tell if my phone is tapped 2

There are many reasons why someone may be enthusiastic about listening to your phone calls. It could either be considered a thief, your boss, your spouse or simply a prankster. Most people’s privacy is usually invaded though their cell phones. Someone can pay attention to your discussions through your telephone if they have the ability…

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