> I have a customer with 4 p5 series machines (5300-06) where cdromd is
> running and using about 5% of the CPU all the time on all the boxes.
> Any ideas why this would be the case? Each machine only has one CD
> device and they all tell me (cdcheck) that there is no media in the
> device.
> TIA for any advice. In the meantime, maybe I'll just stop cdromd
> since there is currently no good reason for anyone to be loading CDs
> on the boxes.

See IZ02670:
cdt_ddinfo_queue will grow if a dump routine gets
added and removed multiple times.
One example: run cdromd on a system with sysdumpdev -X
enabled (check in kdb: dw dump_mode&2 must be set)
and an IDE CD drive installed and no CD in the drive.
After a few days CPU usage for cdromd will show
increasing numbers. And the longer the cdromd runs,
the more CPU time it will burn.
Local fix
sysdumpdev -x

I think you need to reboot to clean cdt_ddinfo_queue.
Seems the fix will be in 5.3 TL 8