I purchased a 7011-220 and a set of AIX 3.2.5 install tapes. These
included 6 tapes (QIC-150) of which the first one was bootable. The
numbers on this tape were such:

5750-AFC AIX/6000 V3.2.5 BOOTABLE
VOLL ID. J0223

All of the tapes were usable except (you guessed it), the first tape
(01 of 06) which is the boot tape, which had 3 bad media "surface
damage" spots and therefore the files were non-recoverable. The tape
has been erased and rewritten with a boot image and will work just
fine, but not for this set of tapes.

If anyone has this tape and is willing to part with it or make a copy
for me, I would be grateful.

My email address is dogpatch11 at comcast dot net

CT the Needy