Hello all...

I have a 7012-397 running AIX 5.1. Graphics come from a GXT150M card, which
is driving a cheap Everex 17" monitor capable of the required 1280x1024 at
60Hz vertical refresh minimum. There is an Ultraspec 13W3 to VGA adapter in
use to connect the monitor to the video card. (Link:

The video works and all, but everything (command line, GUI, etc...) is
displayed with a green fog over it. I know the text should be green, and
that's not the problem. All colors are visible under the fog. The monitor
has been tested and works fine with a variety of other computer systems. As
far as I can tell, the DIP switches on the adapter (which seem to be for
refresh rate only) are set properly.

Any thoughts? I would appreciate any help or suggestions.