I am running a AIX server application under a specific userid that
accepts client requests from multiple users on the network. The userid
running the application performs the work and returns the resultant
output file to the client. The application updates a log file on the
server which contains information about the clients job parameters,
the client hostname, the name of the user that owns the client
workstation and the system process ID that the work was performed

I need to be able to charge the users for the cpu usage for each job
submitted. The problem I have so far in setting up the AIX accounting
is that the work for all users is done by the same application userid.
When displaying the report with the acctcom command, I cannot
determine from the report, which shows the application name for each
job run by the application userid, which real user the job should be
charged to.

If I could get the AIX accounting system to also include the PID that
the application userid ran a job under, then I can use the
application log file to match the PID from the accounting information
and thus determine who the user actually was.

Can anybody shed some light on how I can do this?