On May 22, 6:24 pm, Andy wrote:
> On 22 May 2007 09:48:03 -0700, Stephanie Echevarria wrote:
> >On May 22, 10:38 am, Andy wrote:
> >> On 21 May 2007 09:53:57 -0700, Stephanie Echevarria wrote:

> >> >Hello everyone! I am having a problem with our IBM pseries 640. It's
> >> >a machine type 7026 model B80. My problem is a few weeks ago, the I/O
> >> >board went bad so I ordered a used part from a vendor and installed
> >> >it. Unfortunately, the firmware on the new I/O board is factory
> >> >original and now I cannot get the box booted at all. I can get into
> >> >the service processor menu, and can even boot into the SMS menu, but
> >> >the only option to upgrade the firmware from those menus involves
> >> >using a diskette drive, which my 7026 does not have. I also tried to
> >> >boot from media, unsuccessfully, because I'm assuming I won't even be
> >> >able to do that until I get the firware issue corrected. Any ideas on
> >> >how to upgrade the firmware on a box that doesn't have a diskette
> >> >drive and is not bootable at the moment?

> >> Did you move the 4 eprom chips from the old board to the new one

> >No, I haven't tried that yet. I thought about that, but since the old
> >eprom chips have the newest firmware on them, I figured it would
> >confuse the box even more. And I don't have the tool that you're
> >supposed to use to pry them off the board without damaging them. Is
> >there something else I can use instead of the "proper" tool? Thanks
> >for your help!

> The tool is not expensive and can be bought at Radio Shack , but i use to use a very small allen wrench just be very
> careful not to bend any of the pins
> The eproms on your old one will match the firmware on the sytem planar and should allow you to come up . kind of odd the
> the GSA level will not allow you to boot as it is suposse to be compatiable with all levels so that you can bring the
> system up and do a mirco upgrade. Only thing i can think of is the GSA level possibly does not have support for a faster
> processor card . this was quite common on 7044 when they allowed for 450mhz . you would replace asystem planar and also
> have to bring along a 375mhz processor till you updated the firmware.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

That definitely explains a lot! The error that the box keeps stopping
on is for the processor so you are probably right since the processor
is 450 mhz. Thanks so much for all your help! I won't have a chance
to work on this again until next week after I come back from
California, but I will let you know how it turns out.