We have new p570 server and ds4700. p570 has 2 FC adapters, visible
for the OS.
DS4700 has 4FC ports.
The machine and the storage are connected directly with 2 cables:
We have set up 1 logical volume on the ds4700 with AIX host type
settings with Storage Manager, no problem. (RAID10 of 8 disks, 1LUN

The eight disks that are in the storage are visible by the host after
cfgmgf is run as 16 new disks, hdisk2-hdisk17) which looks OK to me
since there are 2 paths from the server to the storage .
> lsdev -Cc disk

hdisk0 local disks
hdisk1 local disks
hdisk2 ..... Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk17 ... Other FC SCSI Disk Drive

We are following the steps in : sg247010.pdf(IBM System Storage DS4000
Series and Storage Manager). to setup DAR and DAC.

Filesets for RDAC are installed:

devices.fcp.disk.array.rte - RDAC runtime software
devicess.fcp.disk.array.diag - RDAC diagnostic software
devices.common.IBM.fc.rte - Common FC Software

However, there is neither dar or dac device present in the system?:
> lsdev -C | grep dar

> lsdev -C | grep dac


We have reinstalled the filesets mentioned above, rebooted the
machine, no changes.
Have been digging trough the documentation and mailing lists(groups)
and have not find same or similar problem.

We have also tried /usr/lib/methods/cfgfdar cfgfdac, no luck.

Removed the definitions for fc cards, rmdev fcs0 .... -R (and all its
childs) and rerun cfgmgr, no results.

Tried to fix something via smit (define disk array router) but smit
complaints that it needs additional sw to run this command.

What are we missing?
Is there any fileset that is obligatory for the rdac configuration to
Is there any way to manually configure the dar/dac devices?
Should I start any agent, deamon ... so that the host realizes what am
I trying to do?

One thing that comes to our mind: there is an MPIO fileset installed
on the server, tried to deinstall it but there are too many
dependencies so we gave up. Is it possible that these fileset
conflicts with the rdac sw?

I am currently downloading the latest fix from the IBM web site.
Current oslevel AIX 5300-05.

Thank you for any ideas,