On 2007-05-07, Uli Link wrote:
> Frank Fegert schrieb:
>> I agree that libtool on AIX is one major pain, especially if
>> you're doing staged installs in e.g. DESTDIR or similar. But
>> i can't really see, whats the advantage of the VACs '-blibpath'
>> vs. the GCCs '-Wl,-blibpath'. Could you please elaborate? Also
>> i'd like to know what's wrong with the GCC build for AIX?

> '-Wl,-blibpath' is same flag passed to ld.
> The difference is the inclusion of the c++ lib.
> GCC builds this lib in many versions for different processor
> architectures in GCC configuration time specific places.
> So if you follow the general advice to link libs shared, you'll usually
> need the right version in the right place.

Hm, you're right. Even without "--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs"
i get $libdir/gcc/powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0/4.1.2/, but that doesn't seem
to be a AIX specific quirk. On Solaris it's the same story.

>> Could you please post the output?

> $ dump -H acroread
> [snip]
> ***Import File Strings***
> 0 lib:/user/unibat/Build/Root/shm/EXPORT:/user/scheung/aixtools/gcc/lib/gcc-lib/rs6000-ibm-aix4.2.1.0/2.8.1:/user/scheung/aixtools/gcc/rs6000-ibm-aix4.2.1.0/lib:/user/scheung/aixtools/gcc/lib:/usr/lib:/lib
> 1 libc.a shr.o
> 2 libXt.a shr4.o
> 3 libC.a shr.o
> 4 libX11.a shr4.o
> 5 libXext.a shr.o
> 6 libXm.a shr4.o

*urks*, but i've gotten even worse bin and lib files from lib-
tool. For some reason - which i have yet to figure out - libtool
sometimes feels the need to link against specific library files.
So a "dump -Hv" would look like:

***Import File Strings***
0 $libdir:/usr/lib:/lib
1 $libdir libabc.a libabc.so.0
2 libc.a shr.o
5 $libdir libdef.a libdef.so.0
6 libxyz.a libxyz.so.0

But only for some of the bin/libs build from that source, the
others come out fine. It gets even worse if you're doing staged
installs of sources that have inter-library dependencies, libtool
then does a wild mixture of $libdir and $DESTDIR/$libdir paths.
Has someone come across something like this? It'd be nice to get
it fixed ...

>> You may have a point, but - no offense - why not try to get
>> the autotools/libtool fixed in a way they produce sane out-
>> put on AIX?

> Sorry, I tried to understand where to fix by reading the documentation.
> I wasn't able to find how and where. All I found was a 100k generated
> shell script and a build process spending more time in this shell script
> than in the compilers optimizer ;-)

After looking around in the main libtool script i now too can
feel the pain! Well, seems like i'm off to the libtool list ...

> I stopped using GCC on AIX and got VisualAge C++ 5.02.

Lucky you, but unless IBM starts giving away VAC/xlc for free,
that's not an option for me. After all i'm working on this in
my free time and am not getting any money out of it ;-)