I know WLM is on the AIX level, and Uncapped partition is outside AIX (on
Hypervisor level).

Today I've had a discussion about this nice features.

Till now we always used AIX5.2 with WLM to divide the several JVM's f.e.

Now we want to use the AIX5.3 on the new hardware, what effects will I see,
f.e. uncapped 0.1 cpu (1 vcpu).

What will happen, assuming that all the other partitions (also uncapped,
same weight, shared pool etc.....) will NOT use all there cpu shares,
and on the WLM-ed partition is running a JVM which can (and should?) use
some more cpu, but it is limited through WLM to soft 25 and hard to 50
Will it get more cpu shares from the Hypervisor, or is that only the case
when it will reach the absolute max (100 %), thus the hard limit should be
100 % (instead 50 %)?

I am originally from i5/OS, so workload management on AIX seems old-aged to
me ;-)
But really I am interested in these questions/answers

Jan Willem