I am compiling ICU for AIX 64 bit platform.

The enviroment is -
OS - AIX 5.1 32 bit with 64 bit env enabled, 32 bit Kernel
Compiler - gcc 3.2 (32 bit), using -maix64 option

command line (where I am getting the error) is

gcc -maix64 -fPIC -O3 -nodefaultlibs -nostdlib -shared -Wl,-bexpall -o
.../lib/libicudata34.1.a ./out/tmp/icudt34b_dat.o
ld: 0711-710 ERROR: Input file ./out/tmp/icudt34b_dat.o

The error is

ld: 0711-710 ERROR: Input file ./out/tmp/icudt34b_dat.o
is stripped. The file is being ignored.
collect2: ld returned 8 exit status

$ ls -l data/./out/tmp/icudt34b_dat.o
-rw-r--r-- 1 nz staff 8959606 Jan 19 09:53

$ file data/./out/tmp/icudt34b_dat.o
data/./out/tmp/icudt34b_dat.o: 64-bit XCOFF executable or object
module not stripped

Is it because of the large size of .o file? is it related to ulimit
(just a thought)? Do I need to do any setting to allow large files in
64 bit env with 32 bit kernel?

I am stuck on this. Please help.